Friday, July 23, 2010

Finish some sets for me.

There are a ton of team sets that I am sooooo close to finishing.  I'm talking only one or two cards.  Here is a list of just a few of them.  These are all junk era cards that I know someone has sitting in a box at the bottom of their closet.  To see all the Red Sox cards I need take a look at my want list.  And don't forget to enter my contest here.


454 Rick Burleson

1981 FLEER
221 Carl Yastrzemski
226 Dennis Eckersley

1983 TOPPS
716 Tony Perez SV
1986 FLEER

341 Wade Boggs
345 Roger Clemens

1987 Fleer

41 Jim Rice

1989 Bowman

3 Wade Boggs
28 Marty Barrett


265 Jeff Reardon
277 Scott Cooper
282 Marty Barrett


109 Ellis Burks
124 Tony Pena
129 Wade Boggs

1991 SCORE

894 Wade Boggs COOP

1991 Upper Deck Final Edition

84F Wade Boggs AS

1992 FLEER

35 Ellis Burks
39 Mike Greenwell


33 Tony Pena
175 Wade Boggs

1992 ULTRA

15 Roger Clemens

1993 Donruss

251 John Valentin

1993 ULTRA

149 Scott Cooper
506 Greg Blosser

1994 CC - 25

412 Andre Dawson
550 Roger Clemens
602 Damon Berryhill

1994 Upper Deck

187 Mike Greenwell


35 Billy Hall


Collective Troll said...

There is a small box of cards floating towards your house right now... There is a small chance one or two of the cards you seek are in there... Everyone is getting one box now and will get an envelope with all of the oversized cards plus whatever I forgot in a few weeks... I saved about 10 loose packs for APTBNL posts but as soon as they are written those cards will go too... Go Rays!

Don said...

I have the 3 Fleer Ultra cards from your list. Will send an email for your address.