Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Night Owl scavenger hunt

This is a one scan post of cards I got from Night Owl.  I jumped the gun and filed away the cards before I scanned them.  I'm lazy on top of that so I only drug one card back out to scan and post. 
It is a Mo Vaughn Hologram card from Denny's.  To bad there is no Denny's around me or I may have got some of these years ago when they came out. 
Only having one scan gave me a good reason to go back over old Night Owl posts looking for cards I received.  It is just like a scavenger hunt.
I found the first one here.  This is a 1986 TCMA card, my first one.

Post #2 with a card I received is here.  This is a 2002 Topps Gallery.

And Finally I found this post on A Pack to Be Named Later.  Greg busted a pack of 1999 Topps Stars and pulled this cool short printed Nomar.  At least I think it is short printed because it is a 4 Star card.

Thanks for the cards Greg.

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night owl said...

Consider my blog a free preview for cards you are about to receive.

Well, you Red Sox fans will have to split them up. There are too many of you.