Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good Stuff From Beardy

Long long ago I made a trade with Beardy.  He posted it about a month ago.  I am just now getting to it because I am a horrible blogger.  I sent him the Sweet Spot auto I won from the Collective Troll.  Originally I wanted a Red Sox Sweet Spot card for it but there were no takers and he sent me enough stuff that I was happy.

First is some Topps Gallery.  It had an abundance of variation cards.  Small subtle variations like the coloring of the lettering on Yaz's jersey.  Beardy knocked a bunch of them off of my wantlist. 

Beardy was lucky enough to bust some Topps Archives and some Topps All Time Fan Favorites.  This is about half of the ones he sent.  Good Stuff.

Finally we have the autos.  I think the Papelbon is one good looking card even with his chicken scratch of a signature and the sticker.  The sticker is obvious but still hidden.  I like it.  And what can I say about the on card Piersall.  Beardy also has another Piersall Archives auto I need to come up with something to send him for. 

Thanks Beardy

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