Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Little Old School

John from Old School Breaks had a free Group Break. He gave away spots for two teams. I automatically got the Red Sox and luckily got the White Sox through randomization. Why is that lucky? My 9 year old son collects White Sox. (sometimes the apple doesn't land exactly under the tree)(but at least it is not the Yankee's)

Not only was I lucky enough to get the teams I wanted I also got the best cards in the break. I'm going to start with the White Sox that Payton was thrilled to get.

First is a serial numbered Kyle Kane.

Payton also got this Mirror Red Magglio Jersey card. This is Payton's second Jersey Card. (Konerko is the other)

Now to the good stuff, the "Good" Sox.

This card is Old School he still had Certified Skills when this was printed. Now he can't find anyone to sign him.

This Lester wasn't part of the break but he threw it in anyway.

Finally I Game Used Pedro. I have about a dozen Pedro Game Used cards now and this is defiantly one of the cleanest looking of them all.

I unfortunately didn't have many Yankee's to send to John because I had already sent them all to Dropped Third Strike and The Pettite Pursuit. Once I pull something good I'll send it his way but I have another Problem because I already promised all the Jeters I pull from now on to Sooz. At least I have something to do with all those Dam Yankee cards I always seem to get.
Thanks again John.


White Sox Cards said...

I hope those two packages I sent out made it to Payton OK.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I was able to pull something for both you and your son. That Magglio's pretty cool and the Fabric of the Game card is great. Thanks very much for the Yanks you sent me in return! I appreciate it (and I'm sure you do too since you could get rid of them lol)!