Thursday, February 19, 2009

Breaking Them In

I recently made a pretty cool trade with Detroit Tigers Cards and Stuff. It turns out I was his first online trade partner ever. Hopefully I'm not his last because I know just how much fun it is trading with all of you bloggers and how generous some of you can be. Here is some the stuff Bobby sent me.

Somehow I missed out on these Topps Gallery till now. These are awesome to. I like the artwork even better that Masterpiece or A & G.

This card makes me miss Pedro. I wish I could go back to the days when Pedro was running his mouth and dominating baseball.

These Gallery are not quite as nice as the other but not shabby at all. I'm not one to pass up on one of the heroes from that magical 04 season.

I also needed this card for my 76 team set. I have doubled the cards I own in this set in February, maybe in a few months I will get it done.

Stickers. I had never seen one of these Fleer stickers before. I actually think it looks better than the Fleer base card.
Thanks for the trade, I love the cards.
I'm happy to have found another team collector to save my extra cards for. I hate opening packs knowing that the cards are going into a box for an untold amount of time. I'm glad that all the Tigers I pull now have a home that is only a bubble mailer away. I'm still searching for a few more team collectors though. Where are the Pirate, Blue Jay, D-Backs, and Nats collectors. I also keep seeing Cubbie collectors popping up like weeds but have yet to work out a trade with one of them.


Cuyahogabend said...

Care to do a Sox - Cards trade?

robbyt said...

Thanks a lot for the trade! If anybody else is interested in swapping their Tigers for whatever team they collect I will be more than happy to do it if I can.