Sunday, February 8, 2009

Guess the Auto Answer - Bill Virdon

Thorzul made the correct guess yesterday. He wins - Drum Roll....

The cards he just received from me and posted about here.

Bill Virdon was the National League Rookie of the year 1955 and won one gold glove. After his playing days were over he became a manager and in 1974 was named American league manager of the Year for the Yankees. Bill Virdon was also born in my hometown of West Plains Missouri. He now lives a few hours away in Springfield and doesn't make it to West Plains much. Over the years I had picked up a few of his cards knowing eventually he would be in town at some event and it finally happened. Our local college had an event featuring the areas "Sports Legends".

1957 Topps

1958 Topps

1959 Topps

1960 Topp (this one is my favorite)

1961 Topps

(Insert 1962 Topps Here)

I still do not own a 62 Virdon.

I'll trade an autographed1963 Virdon for an unautographed 1962.

1963 Topps

I was there early so and since there were no lines to get autographs yet I sat and talked to him for a bit. It was pretty cool. He was leaving for Spring Training with the Pirates in 4 days were he serves as a special outfield instructor. Evidently the coaches report weeks before the players because this was . He was pretty stooked about this year. He thinks this year will be the start of the turn around for the Pirates. Not because of the players though he says the whole front office staff has had a face lift this off-season. (something I haven't read anywhere else but the Pirates don't exactly make headlines) While I was talking my wife took my son around to get some autographs from some of the other "Sports Legends". In some many most cases they were REAL loose with the term legend.

Auto 1 - Larry "Gator" Rivers - One of the original Globetrotters. In addition to signing autos he put on a pretty good pregame andhalftime. show also.

Auto 2 - Charles Balentine - Played basketball for Arkansas. They deemed him a legend because he once hit a jumper over Jordan in a game to beat North Carolina.
Auto 3 - Robyn Slain - Does basketball tricks all over. She put on an amazing halftime show!! She showed up the "Gator" hands down. (to be fair though he is like 65 years old) She should be a current Globetrotter her tricks are amazing. She spins 10 basketballs all over her body at the same time.

Auto 4 - Jerry Armstrong - Member of the 'Glory Road' basketball team that broke the color barrier in college basketball. Since he is white I take that to mean he sat on the bench.
The ones we didn't get autographs of were:
Ned Reynalds (sport broadcaster)
Cherly Burnett (was about an hour late) - Former SMSU coach made famous by coaching you might have heard of because she coached Jackie Stiles.

Trish Knight - All time winningest high school+college volleyball coach. There was NO WAY I was getting her autograph!! Because I still think of her as my drivers ed teacher.

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