Thursday, October 30, 2008

2008 Masterpieces

Masterpieces gets props from me right away since Upper Deck put a Red Sox right on the cover of the pack. I hope I find more of the same inside.
#20 Carlos Zambrano - This is really an ugly card. Couldn't the artist have put some ivy, some sky, or just about anything else in the background rather than a great big brown blur?
#17 Manny Ramirez - This just officially became a good pack. He might be gone now but I will always have great memories of the time he played in Boston. Oh God how I don't want to see him in pinstripes next year. Dodgers - PLEASE SIGN MANNY!!!!!

#59 Jay Bruce - This in now a really good pack. One of the brightest rookies in the majors this year. Isn't this card beautiful? Beats that Zambrano all to heck. Every card in the set should be this colorful. It has great detal too; you can even see the Nike symbols on his gloves and logo on his bat. Great card!

#6 Mark Teixeira - Not a bad looking card but I have to wonder why the artist would paint a picture of a strike? Seriously, either the ball is already in the catchers mitt or he is about 2 feet in front of the it. Mark is really going to warm up the hot stove this offseason with his glove, ability to hit for average, and power. Nowhere is his power more evident than right here. He is swinging so hard he bent the bat. Evidently he isn't using a maple bat or it would be broke just from the swing alone.

No# Anti theft device - Does this count as an insert???
All in all I have to say this was a great pack. A Red Sox card and a promising RC. Plus from the looks of one pack the artwork is really good (minus that Zambrano). I am defiantly going to have to get a few more packs of these.

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dayf said...

Yeah, there are a lot of cards in this set with questionably dark backgrounds or shadows over their faces. I think they are the work of one or two depressed artists.