Thursday, April 25, 2019

Still Into Vintage

I know I have mainly posted Virdon cards for the last few months but that doesn't mean I am totally ignoring my Red Sox collection but for the last few years I have only sought out vintage Red Sox cards.  New cards just don't hold my interest. 

My favorite set all time is 1948 Leaf.  (I call it 48 Leaf though the Standard says it is 49 Leaf)  If I ever won the lottery I would build complete 48 Leaf Baseball, Football, Boxing, and Pirates sets.  Yes, there is a Leaf Pirates set.  It isn't Pittsburgh Pirates it's guys like Captain Kidd, Cisco and tons of guys you have never heard of. 

Since I'm not winning the lottery any time soon I decided to at least build the Red Sox team set.  But even that is an expensive undertaking.  The set it littered with Short Print cards and many of them happen to be Red Sox.   So I always seek them out on eBay but since they go for hundreds each I just keep watching and waiting. 

Every now and then patience and persistence pays off and I get lucky.  Usually the SP cards go for hundreds of dollars even when they are in horrible shape.  But they go for considerably less when the get listed as 1948 Laef instead of 1948 Leaf.  Yes whoever listed this misspelled it and I got it for a steal. 

1948 Leaf Matthew Batts

Matthew Batts is one of the dreaded SP cards.  This one is offcenter, offcut, and has some paperloss but it cost me less than a tank of gas.  Actually it was closer to a half tank of gas.  That is a steal!!

I am down to needing two more cards to complete my team set.  I still need Johnny Pesky (RC) and Billy Goodman, both are SPs.  I know I won't get them for a song, like the Batts, but eventually one will be cheap enough for me to snag and when it does, I'll be waiting.


Fuji said...

Congratulations on getting you Batts for such a good price. Hope you're able to add the Pesky and Goodman at bargain prices as well.

Jon said...

I always feel a little bad for sellers who lose out because they listed something incorrectly, then again, they could've easily taken an extra second to make sure that everything was in order, so...