Friday, April 12, 2019

It's Triplets!!

Not me, God no!!  That would be a nightmare as far as I'm concerned.  Mine are all spread out and that can be bad enough, three at one time...

When I stared my Virdon collection I put a limitation of no team pictures on myself.  So all those team cards that Topps put out I don't have them in my collection. (except for the ones where he has his own picture and name on the front like 1975, 79, 80, etc...)  However when I found the following I made an exception. 

1952 Triplets Team Photo

This is the earliest Virdon anything that I have.  It is from when he played Single A ball in the yankees farm system for the Binghamton Triplets.  Notice he doesn't have glasses on in the picture which was a Virdon staple on everything I have ever seen. (middle row second from left)

I may have started something becasue I think when I see other team pictures from his minor league days I will now pick them up too.

This is a really odd size team photo at 9.5x11.  It has defiantly seen better days.  But it's a 75 year old piece of paper that you don't want to fold and is too big to really put into something that would protect it. 


Mark Hoylr said...

One of these days I’m gonna see you post Virdons a High School yearbook. Great find

AdamE said...

Actually that probably wouldn't be too hard to find since we went to the same high school.

Fuji said...

Very cool. Can't imagine a sixty-something year old minor league team photos are floating around out there.