Monday, February 18, 2019

Cause All The Cool Blogs Do It

Almost every blog reviews their first pack of flagship.  I don't know that I ever have, even back when I posted twice a day but I'm too lazy to go back and look.  Heck I'm doing good to even get something posted at all.  I know I did a Heritage review one time.  Since it is a staple of blogging I thought I would give it a try. 

The problem is my first pack sucked!!!  Yes I got a sparkly JD Martinez card (rainbow foil maybe??) but the rest was soo... bleh.  So I'm just doing a one card review.  The first card I pulled. 

2019 Topps #111 Reynaldo Lopez
And Yuck!!  The smoke is back.  These cards remind me so much of 2016 with their smokey effect that I hate them as soon as I saw them online.  The little bit of square dots on the left that fade into the picture and the white part behind the name that Reynaldo's leg fades into is horrible.  They should be full bleed on the top and down one side and fully bordered on the bottom and right; while that white fade thing should just be white. 

2019 Topps #63 Jake Odorizzi
Wait, that's not the same card you say?  You are correct.  But I said I was reviewing the first card I pulled and I couldn't figure out which was first.  See Lopez was at the top of the stack but when I opened the pack the back of Jake's card was peering out at me.  So I figured Lopez was first because he was on top but I should use Jake for the back since it was the first card I saw.  The back is sooo much better than the front.  Full stats, one little blurb, and even his Twitter info for all the young kids. (who don't buy cards but that is a different discussion)  The one improvement I would make to the back is where it says Series I under the card number I would change it to 2019 Topps Series I.  And do the same thing for all the other card sets that come out during the year so that when I'm sorting cards my old ass eyes don't have to try to make out that little tiny date at the bottom. 

Okay, two improvements.  No matter how many stats are on a card they all have the same 1/8" of nothing at the bottom.  Everything should be scooted down 3/32" of an inch and middle all be made a bit bigger.  There is only 2.5" to use why not use it all.

In all this is the 3rd worst design on the 2010s.  (which means it will probably fall somewhere between 5th and 10th worst of all time. 

My favorites from best to worst for the last 10 years:


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Fuji said...

We're polar opposites. My favorite design from the last 10 years is 2015 Topps.