Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The End

Well this is it.

The end of the season for the Sox.

I figure a few people opened this expecting the end of the blog. I'm not quiting I just don't usually have enough ambition to post anything. OK, back to the Sox...

Only way the season could have ended in more disappointment is if we wouldn't have made the playoffs at all. I never would have guessed that we would get swept by the Angels. One good thing about the Red Sox is that I know there is no such thing as rebuilding, only reloading. So lets take a look at what bullets need replaced. Most would start with the infield but our most glaring question mark is in the outfield so I am starting there:

Left Fielder - This is the most obvious question this off-season, will Theo resign Bay? He seems to fit in great and put up a great OPS but had a sub par avg for an outfielder on this team. There are a few free agents out there that may be just as good a fit. The most obvious one is Abreau. I wouldn't mind seeing him in LF for a few years. He has a great bat moderate speed and although is fielding is less than stellar it isn't really that bad. Holliday is another option. I'm not sure who is better though Bay or Holliday, almost a toss up to me. But Holliday is represented by Boras so... The dark horses could be Matsui or Vlad. Both are horrific outfielders but could cover the ground in front of the monster no problem. One last option, how about Damon? He isn't the player he once was but he isn't bad either. His girly arm wouldn't be so obvious in our left field either.

Center field - Jacoby isn't going anywhere.

Right field - Has there ever been a more boring player in baseball than JD? He does get on base though. I don't think he is worth that huge contract but he is what he is. He does have a great arm though.

Backups - I don't want Baldelli. Why have a backup that can't ever play? I doubt Gathright stays around either. I like his speed (I bet he is faster than Jacoby) but the guy can't hit, period.

That is it for now. I'll knock out the infield sometime before spring training. Yes it is that hard to make myself post something now-a-days...


Collective Troll said...

Didn't the Red Sox season end a while back? I think Gathright is always going to be a guy to catch on with a team in contention in September to be used as a playoff pinch runner and then get dumped the next year. Baldeli is a personal fave of mine, but sometimes he's stellar, more often than not, he isn't worth the roster space he takes up. I would like to see him return to the Rays and play in 30 games a year for the next 10 years. The guy is still a great athlete and a great hitter, but his illness won't allow it everyday or even every other day... Glad it isn't the end of your blog!

AdamE said...

Yes we got eliminated a long time ago. I started that post the day or so after the Angel series. It just took me that long to finish it.

JD's Daddy said...

What about Reddick in right? Dude seemed to tear it up when he got a chance to play. He is young and could be a staple.

I am REALLY CURIOUS to see if those Prince Fielder rumors come to fruition.