Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Parts of Sorting Sucks!

For once I read a Night Owl post and resisted writing a book in his comments and instead made my own post. (but it took a couple days)  Usually when I leave a comment on a blog it is a way to long comment that nobody sees but the blog owner.  So maybe I'll make this a habit and post all my comments here.

So, yeah sorting is usually great. A fun thing where you get to look at and touch your cards and it is somehow even therapeutic as all the numbers start to line up and you fill blanks.  However part of the sort can suck.

I have a friend in MO that I used to get cards from all the time.  If you got Bipped (if anybody even remembers Bipping) by me all those cards came from my buddy Joey. I live in AZ now and that all the time has now become a couple times a year he sends me a text that says "PayPal me $25".  Soon I'll get a I'm always eager for that package but it comes with some suck too.  Kind of like a disclaimer, you will enjoy this package but there is some headache involved. 

Look at this package I got from Joey.  I know the lighting sucks cause I'm no photographer but what you see is five team bags.  Four of those team bags have some kind of Bowman card on top and all of them have some kind of Bowman inside.  Bowman is that headache.  I don't speak Bowman.  Bowman and I don't get along at all.  I'm not a rookie guy so I never bought the stuff to get to know it.  All I know is when I have to sort them by year, the only way to tell them apart is that little tiny TM date (that is probably correct but every now and then is off by a year because Topps shovels new cards at us before a calendar flip).  After you deal with the date then you have to decide if a card is a Bowman Chrome card or if it was a regular Bowman Chrome Insert card.  Now usually a letters and numbers mixed together mean insert but evidently Bowman is different.  There are Regular Bowman Prospect Inserts and then there is a whole other Bowmen Set called Bowman Prospects that uses letter number combos just like the insert set, not to mention they use the same pictures half the time.  They tried to tell us that RC Logo was going to make things simple, HAHA!!!   

Sorting is fun, except for Bowman.  Bowman makes sorting Suck!!

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Fuji said...

I've gotten into picking up Bowman cards the past few years... and gotta admit, I still don't really understand everything. I just know the 1st Bowmans are popular. As for sorting sucks... it totally does some times. But like you and NO stated... there are aspects that can be therapeutic.