Sunday, February 24, 2013

Listia Gold

I have been telling people to sign up for Listia for a long time and once again I struck gold on the site, literally.  After a short period of no Red Sox worth mentioning being posted I had another great pickup.  A 1996 Ultra Gold Medallion Mo Vaughn.  "The Hit Dog" only set me back 30 credits.  (to lazy to scan so I swiped the image)

1996 Ultra Gold Medallion #591 - Mo Vaughn STA - Courtesy of 

Now I know lots of people hate gold foil and this card has it in spades but I really like it.  The sheer gaudiness of it makes this card great.  Not to mention the fact it is of the former Red Sox AL MVP.

I always thought Mo would be an interesting person to have a player collection of.   He was a star of a big market team during the height of card companies experimental years so he was in virtually every really cool insert set; plus he isn't highly collected, and retired before the 1/1 garbage started coming out.  Kind of a perfect storm for a player collection.  I willing bet that there is a blogger out there with a jewel case, collecting dust, full of Mo cards that I would love to trade for.

If you haven't done it already go to Listia now and sign up for free credits that get you free cards.  After that auction off your Topps codes to get more credits to get even more cards.  The great thing about auctioning codes is there is no shipping fees.


Fuji said...

I love goooooooooold (in my best Goldmember impersonation)! I started fooling around on Listia months ago and picked up some free cards. I guess I need to get back in the game.

Section 36 said...

I used to have a stack of Mo's somewhere. I'll have to see if I can locate any.