Friday, December 21, 2012

Not Just a Win. I made out like Marquez over Pacquiao!!

Listia has been good to me and sometimes it is better than others.  I've won lots of auctions for a way better value than should be possible.  Every now and then though I get a deal that is more then good. More than great. Amazing, Astounding!!!  Check out what 3000 credits won me on Listia.

Not One 

Not Two

But Three,
 cards from one of the greatest sets ever, 1961 Fleer Ted Wiliams.  

I already owned a couple Ted's from this set but this is the first one of The Splendid Splinter in his Red Sox uniform I have owned.

If you haven't tried out Listia yet you should.  There are lots of cards on there and some amazing deals.    It is a really good way to get good value out of your 70s and 80s cards too.  I approach it as trading.  Those three Ted Williams cards cost me one Kevin Garnett Game Used card and a stamp.  I still had 2000 credits left over from the Garnett to get other stuff too.  

I'll trade game used basketball for vintage Ted Williams all day long.  

Like I said check it out if you haven't already.  Follow this link to get 100 free credits just for signing up.  I have won plenty of cards for less than 100 credits so basically you are signing up for free cards.


Fuji said...

I've got to jump back on the Listia train. Great finds!

Jeff said...

Thought those were 1959.

Not a Sox fan, but I'll take Ted Williams anything all day long.

AdamE said...

Your right they are 59, I mistyped it.

Nick said...

Nice finds!

Matt Perry said...

Very nice. I've got a handful of those too. One of my all time favorite sets. If only finding them all (in good condition) wasn't next to impossible.

Anonymous said...

The syncronicities in the card blogging realm are nearly unbelievable! Just seeing this post of yours now. Funny, my post queued up for this afternoon is going to look very, very similar.

Great cards!