Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Little Help From My Friends

This year has been a hectic one for my Bill Virdon player collection.  After years of no cards of him being produced except Heritage Buyback cards, 2012 has become the year of Virdon autos.  Heritage released two of them and Tri Star has released 4 that I know of.

Blue Auto #/10
Red Auto #/5
Bronx Edition #/5
Purple Auto #/1

(There could be other serial numbered ones in Bronx Edition.  I submitted an email to TriStar but I haven't got a response from them yet to verify)  **see below

The TriStar cards are ugly frankencuts but I still need them because...  because... Well, just because Dammit!!

When the TriStar 1/1 showed up on eBay I was too broke to buy it.  I though that this is where my player collection would fall apart.  After a plee to the blogging community three bloggers offered to help me out by purchasing it for me and letting me pay them back in trade.  Brad of Brad's Blog won the eBay auction for my newest Virdon 1/1.

It isn't the prettiest card in the world and I have no idea why they cut the round edges on the left and squared off the right but I still love that it didn't get away thanks to Brad.  He pretty much saved my Virdon collection.

**I have now received the following response from TriStar:

Status: New

Department: Customer Service
Subject: 2012 Signa-Cuts Bronx Edition
Adam, Yes there are various levels of Bill Virdon in our BRONX SignaCuts product. The complete checklist can be found at www.signacuts.com. Thank you for your support and business. Sincerely, TRISTAR Team


TRISTAR Productions.com

***I still don't know what other Bronx Edition seral numbers there are besides the /5.  The Signacuts.com stie the say to look at only shows 2010 and 2011 no 2012.  I guess I'll just keep my eyes open.


Anonymous said...

I could maybe see on the cutting if there was a logo or something, but:

a) the Fleer logo isn't anywhere on the front of the 1981 set, and

b) they include the "Astros" team name and it's showing on Virdon's jersey anyways

night owl said...

The thought of anyone cutting up a card like that, rounding the corners, etc., makes me cringe.