Thursday, February 16, 2012

I want your 2012 Topps Parallels

Last year I didn't do very well as far as picking up the Wal-Mart and Target Topps parallels.  This year I am going to try harder to get them.  Topps also threw me a curveball by adding K-Mart/ToysRUs parallels this year.  Now I  am not going to try for the whole set just the Red Sox.  So if you have any Red Sox Topps Parallels please drop me a note.

(I still need LOTS from last year and a few from 2010 too.)

Here is the 2012 wantlist I have built so far.  Thanks to Pirates Treasure Room for almost every one of the 2012 Topps I have so far.

2012 Topps Base
Have 50,61, 158, 160, 170,212,318,  need rest

2012 Topps 1987 Topps Minis
TM23 Dustin Pedroia
TM33 Adrian Gonzalez

2012 Topps Classic Walk-Offs Complete
14 David Ortiz

2012 Topps Gold Sparkley Parallels   (not sure what these are called yet)
Have #318 Bedard Need rest

2012 Topps Golden Futures

2012 Topps Golden Moments Complete
GM16 Jim Rice
GM30 Jacoby Ellsbury
GM47 Carlton Fisk

2012 Topps Historical Stitches
HS-CF Carlton Fisk

2012 Topps K-Mart (Purple)
Have 137 Saltalamacchia need rest

2012 Topps Retired Number Patches
RN-CF Carlton Fisk
RN-JRI Jim Rice
2012 Topps Retired Rings
RR-CF Carlton Fisk

2012 Topps Target Parallel (Red)
Have 10 Lester &160 Youkilis need rest

2012 Topps Timeless Talents

2012 Topps Wal-Mart (Blue)
Have 160 Youkilis & 247 Buchholz Need Rest

2012 Topps Wrapper Redemption
2 Adrian Gonzalez
10 Carl Yastrzemski

2012 Topps World Series Pins
GCP-DO David Ortiz
GCP-DP Dustin Pedroia


Collective Troll said...

I will be doing the same thing with the Rays, so keep me in mind...
I am working extra overtime this week, so next friday should yield a few more packs from Target, so keep yer list up to date...
I still haven't paid my PO box yet, maybe next friday... I hope you don't have to ship it twice. Really sorry about that... If it helps, I have a couple more Sox ginter minis to send yer way... Cheers Adam! The season is coming!!!!
PS Wanna get a little preseason side bet going on who wins the East??? If we could get a Yankees fan in on it (and Balt and Toronto too, everyboday has a shot, right?) we could each put up a card and winner takes all at the end of the season... Maybe?

flywheels said...

I'll keep you in mind as I sort my 2012 Topps. I'll let you know if I can help you out.

George said...


I just wrote about the cards that you sent over on my blog. I'm working on putting together cards to send to you and will have them in the mail this week.

BasicWoogenomics said...

I have that Dustin Pedroia World Series Pin card if you are interested in a trade. I'll see if I have any others you're looking for. Hit me up at