Thursday, December 24, 2009

Package 3 from GSNHOF

This is post #3 from my trades with GSNHOF.  I'm only scanning a couple cards but I really got way more than these.  These were just my favorites.

1997 Topps Finest #202 Mo Vaughn - Refractor

This Mo Vaughn may not look like much in the scan but it is a refractor.  If someone out ther knows how to scan a refractor so that its refractorness shows please let me know.  Yes that is a new word refractorness. 

I wish I knew why Topps ever bothered with that protective coating.  It isn't a protective coating it is part of the card.  Seriously does anyone ever peal them off.  I think I only have one Finest card that is pealed.  I was at a card shop one time and a kid brought in a Kevin Garnett Finest RC to sell but it was pealed.  The shop owner said he couldn't buy it because it wasn't mint.  He said he wouln't even give $5 for it.  I said I for $5 I would buy it and I did. 

1991 Upper Deck - Baseball Heroes #30 Ted Williams

Anytime I get a Willims card in a trade I have to post it. 

This one is commerating his 1942 Tripple Crown.  He put up a .356avg, 36hr, and 136rbi season.  Even though he won the Tripple Crown he was beaten in the MVP voting by Joe Gordon of the Yankees. 

What a shame, to get the Triple Crown but not win the MVP.  Something is seriously wrong there.  Gordon didn't have a bad season .322/18/103 but it doesn't even compare...

1997 Pinnacle EPIX - Downtown Debut #E5 Nomar Garciaparra

This card is ten kinds of awesome shiney.  It is even brighter than the refractor above.   Not only is it shiney it has kind of a starburst effect that really pops.  Man I miss 90s inserts.

On the back it tells about how his first hit in the majors was a home run.  Here's to hopeing our new SS can go yard a few times.

Thanks for all the cards Tim.  I have a growing stack of cards for you.  When it is shipping ready I'll send it your way.

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you're very welcome! and I can't wait to see what it is!